Google bringing featured snippets & rich results filters to Search Analytics report

Here is proof that Google is bringing more filters to the Search Analytics report in the Google Search Console. Keep them coming, Google!


Google’s Richard Gingras had a slide in his I/O presentation yesterday that revealed Google has filters for featured snippets and rich results in the Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report.

As you know, Google recently added an AMP filter to that report. Google did recently say they are now tracking Knowledge Graph, local and Rich Snippets in the Search Console, but the filters are currently not showing for me in Google Search Console. Google recently hinted that more filters are coming to this report.

Here is a screen shot from Richard Gingras’s slide showing those two new filters:


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Bing launches UET Tag Helper, a troubleshooting Chrome extension

Now quickly check if UET tags are set up correctly without having to wait for validation in the UI.


To help marketers ensure their Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags are properly implemented, Bing Ads has launched a Chrome browser extension called UET Tag Helper.

UET tags are used to capture conversion events from Bing Ads campaigns and power Bing Ads remarketing.

In Chrome, the new extension can be used to:

  • validate UET tags in real time instead of having to wait a few hours and go back to the account to check on the status;
  • check to see if you’ve implemented the UET tag correctly without having to wait for an event to occur; and
  • troubleshoot common errors with the UET tag.

The extension is now live in the Chrome web store. The video from Bing Ads below shows how to use the UET Tag Helper. For more info on how the extension works, check out the help page.

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Bing Ads bans ads from third-party tech support services

Citing “serious quality issues”, Microsoft updates the Bing Ads global ad policy to disallow all ads from third-party tech support

Microsoft’s Bing Ads has announced it will no longer accept advertising from third-party tech support companies. The change to the company’s ad policies affects all markets where Bing Ads is available.

In a blog post, Liz Walsh, demand quality project manager for Bing Ads, said,

“This policy change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to lead the industry in providing a safer experience for all of our end users, including populations most vulnerable to online scams and other fraud activities.”

Earlier this month, Bing reported it had blocked more than 15 million ads and 25,000 sites for third-party tech support scams — more than any other group of bad actors. The ads are often written to look like they are from the tech companies themselves. With the objective of getting consumers to call for support, a typical scam involves the call representative claiming to represent the tech company the consumer wants support from and then convinces the caller that his computer is infected with malware, scaring him into paying exorbitant fees to fix a non-existent problem.

The new Bing policy states that “Advertisers may not promote online technical support to consumers for products or services that the advertisers do not directly own.” And “Advertisers must not claim to provide a service that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or service advertised.”

In 2014, the US ordered six international tech support scam operators were to pay more than$5.1 million in fines. At that time, Search Engine Land looked at the state of tech support ads on Google and Bing  and found that despite crackdowns, tech support ads in search were still cause for consumer confusion.

Google has not banned ads from third-party tech support firms outright, but it is much harder to find them today. Search Engine Land did find ads displaying on a search for “outlook support” on both desktop and mobile.

Google-tech-support-outlook-mobile-051216-e1463057219415-247x400  google-tech-support-outlook-051216-600x260

The Bing announcement about banning third-party tech support ads comes on the heels of Google’s news earlier this week that it was banning ads for payday and high-interest loans.

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Google Search Console updated the Search Analytics report & adds Knowledge Graph, local & Rich Snippets

Google updated the Search Analytics report in the Search Console, added an update line and explained what changes you may see in the report.


Google has updated how they calculate the clicks and impressions in the Search Analytics report within the Google Search Console. Google updated their data anomalies page, explaining:

We refined our standards for calculating clicks and impressions. As a result, you may see a change in the click, impression, and CTR values in the Search Analytics report. A significant part of this change will affect website properties with associated mobile app properties. Specifically, it involves accounting for clicks and impressions only to the associated application property rather than to the website.

If you log into your Google Search Console account, you will see a line that reads “update” in your Search Analytics report. That line represents that going forward, past April 26, the new metrics come into play.

Google’s John Mueller added some additional insight on Google+, explaining, “Other changes include how we count links shown in the Knowledge Panel, in various Rich Snippets, and in the local results in Search (which are now all counted as URL impressions).”

He added what it means for URLs to show up and be counted:

FWIW one question that has come up a few times regarding Search Analytics is how local results are handled. Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward: if a URL from your site is included in the local result, it’s counted as an impression. If the same URL is included multiple times (e.g., multiple franchises in the same area with a shared web URL), that URL is just counted once. If a local result (w/web link) + a natural web result are included in the same results page, then that’s counted as 1 site impression (which is used for the view by query, for example), and the URLs individually get the page impressions (which is used in the per-page view).

Most people shouldn’t see a significant change in their Search Analytics report, but Google did add that mobile apps might show the largest discrepancy.

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Copy & paste comes to Bing Ads UI

Easily add keywords and ads to new ad groups from the web interface.


Bing Ads has rolled out a handy update, bringing the ability to copy and paste keywords and ads within the web interface.

You’ll now be able to add keywords and ads to new campaigns and ad groups without having to either use Bing Ads Editor or enter everything in manually in the UI. Just as in Google AdWords, there are now new copy and past options under the “Edit” tab on the Campaigns tab. Control+C and Control+V also work.

Once you copy the ads or keywords you want to add, just navigate to the ad group where you want to include them and paste. You can opt to pause them once added and choose whether to include the keyword bids and destination URLs.

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Enterprise SEO Platforms Marketer’s Guide — Updated for 2016

What you need to know about SEO tools


Marketing Land’s “Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for enterprise SEO software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software into your business.

This 44-page report is your source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for SEO software tools as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers.

Included in the report are profiles of 13 leading SEO tools vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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Blogging – The Best Way Of Changing Your Life

For a business and individual, Blogging is the right medium to reach the target audience. Be it about the travel, business product, fashion or about personal life experience, it is the best way to gain exposure. Many individuals, especially elderly people who are retired and want to share their life experience and teach people about the life. One such is Tracy Luttrell, a retiree who loves travelling and share her 20s life experience.

She took blogging as a medium to show how an adventurous young woman enjoyed the wild and explored life and what she learned in her 20s.


Blogging is the most popular forms of writing and helps the person to grow creatively, further opening the digital doors to the world. You will come across many pastimes in your life, and blogging is one such activity that can enhance your life. This article presents you with benefits of blogging and how it can change your life:

Blogging – Changing Your Life For Good

It helps in becoming a writer: If you haven’t thought of becoming a writer, but still blog, then surely you are going to become a writer in future. Writing is a form of communication and way of presenting your thoughts to people. Improving your writing skill is definitely one such benefit blogging will offer.

Representing your Life through words: When you grow old, you would like to share your early life experience with people. It is the best way to communicate socially about the life transition from young to old age.

Helps in Boosting Confidence: Blogging helps the individual to increase the confidence level of reaching to the social media connection. People visit, read and comment, allows connecting with people around the world.

Becoming an Organized Thinker: Representing your thoughts in an organized manner creates the interest among readers. It allows you to think, re-think, edit and change thoughts. With regular practicing of the same will allow you to organize the mental thought process.

One of the best ways to earn money: Whether you are blogging about fashion or any food, you can earn some bucks through it. Many independent bloggers earn dollars through this profession and has now become the source of income. However, you need to follow the niche and blog regularly on the same. Many companies use the help of bloggers for ad spaces for a certain amount.

Building Network of Relationships: After some blogging and once it starts reaching to people, you will see how followers start connecting with you. Regular comments and emails about the last blog will start pouring in. In other words, blogging helps to build a social network.

Keeps your mind active: One of the benefits of blogging is, it helps in keeping your mind running for ideas and thinking in a creative way. It is one such process to improve creativity and activeness.

By starting a blog, you will witness a definite change in life and thought process. It is not only about earning, but also about creating a social network and presenting your life experience to people.