Bing launches UET Tag Helper, a troubleshooting Chrome extension

Now quickly check if UET tags are set up correctly without having to wait for validation in the UI.


To help marketers ensure their Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags are properly implemented, Bing Ads has launched a Chrome browser extension called UET Tag Helper.

UET tags are used to capture conversion events from Bing Ads campaigns and power Bing Ads remarketing.

In Chrome, the new extension can be used to:

  • validate UET tags in real time instead of having to wait a few hours and go back to the account to check on the status;
  • check to see if you’ve implemented the UET tag correctly without having to wait for an event to occur; and
  • troubleshoot common errors with the UET tag.

The extension is now live in the Chrome web store. The video from Bing Ads below shows how to use the UET Tag Helper. For more info on how the extension works, check out the help page.

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